Saturday, June 11, 2011

FAQ Post Ep. 1: Trading in MH

Now, to someone who's never played, and looks to get into something like MH, one of the qualities of a game that a n00b looks into is how the trading system works (so they can mooch off someone else lolz)

Basically in a game like MH they've countered the trading crisis that appears in other games by making it limited to an extent. In MH, there is a system for trading items, #1, however it's set up in a way that you can't just get all sorts of badass items when you're a n00b lol. The way they classify items in MH is by rarity lvl. With a low level item that's significantly easy to find, let's say an Herb (used to restore a small amount of health and can be obtained by gathering in spots throughout the field or can be bought from markets.) you can trade this item between players because it's rarity lvl is RAR1. The rarity lvl of an item is what dictates whether or not it can be traded. An item that is less common or is harder to obtain (like a Diablos shell or something) cannot be traded because it's rarity lvl is OVER 3. Bottom line and rule of thumb for trading in the game of MH is if the rarity lvl is 4 or up it's not tradable.

And before it's asked, NO you can't trade weapons or armor, you have to work for that crap lol.

Now before you don't buy this game because you won't be able to cheat to get good shit, don't despair. If you want an easy way to get good stuff you cant effectively do so, however, you CAN go along with the players who actually know what they're doing (aka Randalla) and just sit around til they destroy whatever it is you need parts off of. Once the quest is completed you can run into the area and carve the carcass of the monster and get free parts off of it for doing nothing, and then along with that you can take the rewards.

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  3. true....but that was so aggravating; i just wanted to level up and get all my stuff back after i deleted my save....