Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alrighty folks, this is like the third time ive attempted to make another post to my blog, but i keep getting interrupted -___- so i finally have a moment of peace at a gas station where im making this post, so bear with me folks.

So in my last post i was attempting to outline monster hunter's superb online capabilities, however i had decided to split in two posts due to amount of things to outline.

In my last post i believe the topic i had ended on was the hunter rank system (again, i dont have my laptop in front of me at a gas station). Now in regards to the hunter rank system, there are lvls of quests that you'll be able to go on once you achieve those hrs. At the first set of hrs yu get the one star through three star quests. Once yu achieve the next set of hunter ranks you can go on those star quests and through the five star quests. At the next hunter rank you can go through seven star and on if im correct.

Now star quests are not only online but offline as well. To move through the different star quests you need to complete an urgent quest relative to your abilities and armor/weapons at that time.

Keep hunting!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Game Itself: Pt.2 (1/2)

Awright folks, time for another educational look into the fascinating game of Monster hunter!

Today's exciting installment is on the online capabilities. Monster Hunter is a unique game, and one of the things that make it especially unique is the online mode. The online mode is set up in a completely different setting than the campaign, and the gameplay is different as well as the characters. When you select 'City Mode' after selecting your character that you're choosing to play online with, you're given the choice of which servers to join. Now the online mode from Monster Hunter is interesting because as mentioned before, the online mode takes place in a different city used for trading. The campaign village that sits on the water relies heavily on this desert city for their resources, and this is even mentioned in part of the storyline which, btw, is almost virtually non-existant. The online or 'city' mode lets you go on hunts with your friends, and before everyone asks;

No. There's no pvp. You set up quests and go on hunting parties to take out whatever monster needs to be killed.

Now online mode has its own lvling system, hence why I've said previously that MH isn't solely a lvl based game. In the online mode you have a ranking system called your 'Hunter Rank' or HR. Your HR detirmines which quests you'll be able to go on, online. If your HR is low, you wont be able to go on a difficult mission that yields rare items. There are a few tiers of HRs and I dont know them off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure it goes as such, and detirmines the difficulty of the quests that you're able to go on

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Game Itself: Pt.1

In retrospect, it would have made sense to have this post earlier. In retrospect once again, I'm not the smartest tool in the happy meal.

Monster Hunter is a game for those who love RPGs/ Quest Based games with a light lvling system, with large weapon/ armor advancement, vast landscapes and engaging boss battles.

The offline gameplay campaign starts you off in a seafaring village with a problem: it's been being attacked by what they think is a large leviathan called the Lagiacrus. You start off with shitty armor and weapons, and are thrown into the game with the objectives of creating/ upgrading new armor, creating/ upgrading new weapons and eventually once steps one and two have been achieved they expect you to kill the Lagiacrus and be the big hero. Pt.2 coming when I'm not half asleep lol, entertain yourselves with this trailer type thing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

FAQ Post Ep. 1: Trading in MH

Now, to someone who's never played, and looks to get into something like MH, one of the qualities of a game that a n00b looks into is how the trading system works (so they can mooch off someone else lolz)

Basically in a game like MH they've countered the trading crisis that appears in other games by making it limited to an extent. In MH, there is a system for trading items, #1, however it's set up in a way that you can't just get all sorts of badass items when you're a n00b lol. The way they classify items in MH is by rarity lvl. With a low level item that's significantly easy to find, let's say an Herb (used to restore a small amount of health and can be obtained by gathering in spots throughout the field or can be bought from markets.) you can trade this item between players because it's rarity lvl is RAR1. The rarity lvl of an item is what dictates whether or not it can be traded. An item that is less common or is harder to obtain (like a Diablos shell or something) cannot be traded because it's rarity lvl is OVER 3. Bottom line and rule of thumb for trading in the game of MH is if the rarity lvl is 4 or up it's not tradable.

And before it's asked, NO you can't trade weapons or armor, you have to work for that crap lol.

Now before you don't buy this game because you won't be able to cheat to get good shit, don't despair. If you want an easy way to get good stuff you cant effectively do so, however, you CAN go along with the players who actually know what they're doing (aka Randalla) and just sit around til they destroy whatever it is you need parts off of. Once the quest is completed you can run into the area and carve the carcass of the monster and get free parts off of it for doing nothing, and then along with that you can take the rewards.

Expect more FAQs soon =D Also, follow, comment, and +1 lol

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Randalla here!

Hey fellow hunters, it's Randalla, or better known to my viewers on Youtube as Irie, bringing you a helpful public service announcement! I've decided to start blogging about my alltimefavorite vidya of all time- Monster Hunter. To clarify, this includes all Monster Hunter games involved in the franchise. Ive been playing for about 6-7 years...? Idk, since the first one came out. More recently Ive been playing MH:Tri, and yeah, I'm only HR80 at this point, but I only bought it sometime around October, not to mention I haven't had alot of time to play with work and school... But hey! I'm starting a blog! I'll be posting FAQs nd stuff up here so that maybe Ill be helping someones MH experience? Maybe? Yeah maybe not... lol

Also, for current Hunters who do play MH:Tri, my name is again Randalla. Ive got a clan that Ive kept up since the original Monster Hunter for the PS2 called The Twilight Cats, if you're interested in joining let me know! I usually play on the recruiting servers and if Im not working on one of my own wep/armor projects Im most likely helping out n00bs lol.

Below is a recording of my friend Adam and I playing MH:Freedom Unite way back in the day lol.